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Cloud9 Moisturizing Pudding


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Tony Ballon
Great product for moisturizing sensitive skin!

The Cloud9 moisturizing pudding was a staple of the brand which influenced the purchase, my only regret is that the bundle was out of stock. The pudding provides a comfortable moisture to my face, meaning it gave me a radiance without the feeling of clogged pores. It has inspired me to look into other products by the brand and has definitely made the cut for my routine. Highly recommend for those with combination skin.

Shannel Brown
Amazing product

I have always loved Karmen’s Kitchen Products. This product over delivered on what we expected.

Kala Dent
Cloud9 Moisturizing Pudding

I absolutely LOVE this product! I have dry skin and it has done wonders and gives my skin life!

Jasmine Coleman-Miller
It's top two and it ain't number two!

I have been using the Cloud9 Moisturize Pudding for two weeks now and my skin thanks me for it! It's so light weight and seeps into my skin. My skin has a natural glow now and I love it. If you're looking for a light weight moisturizer that doesn't make you feel greasy this is it! It's top two and it ain't number two!

Rasheed Hall
Cloud9 Moisturizer

Definitely a great moisturizer!! In my opinion, the only area of improvement for me would be the scent. Because of its soft-creamy blue texture, I thought it would’ve had like a marshmallow-y/vanilla scent to it.

And because it does moisturize/hydrate the skin so well, I think in the future, giving it it’s own signature scent will make it one of the top moisturizers on the market!!