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This One is for US

I’m not afraid to say that I created my products with Black people in mind. When it comes to skincare, brown skin is usually an afterthought -- but not here. It’s not hard to find inorganic products that are mass produced and marketed to us, but not made for us. My products are plant based, made with care and love in the spirit of community. 

The Origin Story

As a senior in college, my skin took a turn for the worst. I was a bio major and I loved myself, and my skin, entirely too much to concede to adult acne, so I knew I had to make something shake. I paired my talent with my passion to solve my problem when I found tons of bacteria on my makeup brushes! I went into the lab and created an all-natural brush cleaner that worked like a charm and, from there, I started Karmen’s Kitchen Care. 

The Kitchen

My lived experience as a Black woman has shaped my life, influenced my decisions, and serves as the foundation of my business. 

For so many Black people like myself, the kitchen is a sacred shared space. It’s where we gather, where we talk, where we break bread and damn near break our necks getting our hair washed in the kitchen sink! Now, it's where I created a line of products that are so warm it feels as if your auntie is giving you a hug.

Business Today

I want black people to feel seen, especially Black men. No matter what you choose from Karmen’s Kitchen, you should feel thought of and cared for. Access to quality skincare should not be exclusive. With all the stress and uncertainty life brings, you deserve 20 minutes of self-care in your day. Through plant powered products and green packaging, KKC offers you just that.Let’s add genuine skincare to your selfcare. I can’t wait to see you glow. 

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